JUNE 2009 
Mission trips to Honduras and Tanzania were again planned, but due to civil unrest, the Honduras trip had to be canceled.  The 23 member mission team to Tanzania, comprised of doctors, dentists, educators and other volunteers, again worked tirelessly to provide care to as many people as possible.  Through the aid of an Order of Malta grant, the education component was able to continue their efforts to enhance education in Tanzania by bringing computers and LCD projectors to the schools with whom they had worked in 2008.

2010 - 2013
Mission trips continued to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Guaimaca, Honduras.  Over 150 volunteers from three countries have taken part in MFH mission trips and 37% have participated in multiple missions.  MFH has cared for close to 20,000 men, women and children and has collected and donated over $900,000 in medications and supplies.

JULY  2014         
MFH sent two separate teams of doctors, dentists,  nurses, and educators, as well as other professionals and students, to Guaimaca, Honduras and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  The teams cared for more than 2,500 patients, a record number for MFH.   Another benchmark was achieved this year - over $1 million in medications and supplies have been donated to the people we serve.

JULY 2015
MFH teams embarked on their first mission trip to Haiti, returned to Honduras, and began working on a number of new projects.

JULY 2016 & 2017

In the past two years Missions for Humanity has provided textbooks for students in four village schools which had never had books in the outlying villages of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, built a solar powered well so students would have clean water to drink at Kichangani primary school, and built 6 toilets at the village school in Muhimblili.  This past summer the World Blindness Organization (WBO) joined the Missions for Humanity team in Tanzania to perform cataract surgeries.  In one week the WBO restored sight to 91 people.  In 2017 Missions for Humanity also helped build a dental clinic at the mission in Guaimaca, Honduras which was recently completed and opened for business. 

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                                                                                                                Interest in the mission trips to Honduras and                                                                                                             Tanzania, as well as the number of people                                                                                                                 served, continues to grow. Missions for                                                                                                                     Humanity doctors, nurses and dentists are now                                                                                                           caring for thousands of people each year.  Every                                                                                                       mission focuses on the medical, dental, and                                                                                                               educational needs of the people, yet each trip is                                                                                                         uniquely its own.  In 2010, half of the Tanzanian                                                                                                       team flew to the island of Mafia for two days to                                                                                                         care for those in some of the poorest villages of                                                                                                         Tanzania, while the other half continued to work in the outlying villages of Dar es Salaam.  In 2011, with the aid of the Lion’s Club of Hanover, MA, we were able to bring and distribute over 2000 pairs of reading and sunglasses to the people of Honduras and Tanzania.

Missions for Humanity continues to be an ever-growing, vibrant organization.  Mission trips fill within weeks of their announcement and future potential team members are now reserving places on teams more than a year in advance.  

Come, be part of the Missions for Humanity effort.  Click on “What You Can Do” tab to see how you can help.

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JUNE 2004

A mission team of seven volunteers traveled to the Fall River Diocesan mission at St. Rose of Lima parish in Guaimaca, Honduras.  Although the group was small, much was accomplished as the dental team pulled over 500 teeth and the construction team worked on the construction of a school.

JUNE 2005 
A mission team of sixteen volunteers made a second visit to Guiamaca, Honduras.  This team of dentists, doctors, nurses and other volunteers worked tirelessly to provide care for those they went to serve.

JUNE 2006
The number of volunteers doubled to 32, requiring the team to split, and two separate trips to Honduras were organized.  The medical and dental teams again cared for hundreds of people as others worked to help construct the school dormitory.

JUNE 2007
The volunteers, which had grown to 42 in number, again formed two teams. One team traveled to Honduras, and for the first time one team traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  While in Tanzania, the  team worked throughCaritas Dar es Salaam to organize its medical and humanitarian efforts.  The main focus of both mission teams was medical and dental care.

JUNE 2008
The mission teams to Honduras and Tanzania focused on the medical, dental and educational needs of the people. In Tanzania meetings with teachers and heads of schools, in both the city and outlying villages, were arranged to assess educational needs and  begin the formulation of an education action plan. For the first time, the doctors, dentists, nurses, educators, and other volunteers traveled as "Missions for Humanity" teams. 


Missions for Humanity