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Give a Goat - $75

​The donation of a pregnant goat will change lives. When a family receives a pregnant goat it is with the understanding that the first kid born will be donated to another family, who will in turn donate the first born kid of that goat to another family and so on…  Goats provide families with milk, meat & fertilizer.  A pregnant goat will be given to a family in  Tanzania in your name.


Give School Supplies - $50

The donation of school supplies will help a girl from a rural village in the outskirts of Guaimaca, Honduras receive an education at the Marie Poussepin Center.  Most of these girls would not receive an education past the third grade if it were not for this Center. 

School supplies will be given to a girl at the Marie Poussepin Center in your name.


Give Vitamins - $25

​The donation of a one year supply of vitamins for a family of four in Honduras/Tanzania will provide the necessary nutrients they need to grow and develop normally. Vitamins will help provide a healthier life for those who receive them. A year’s supply of vitamins will be given to a family of four in your name.


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